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FACT: 96% of recruiters are on Linkedin.

"The job market is crowded right now and you're applying to jobs with hundreds of other professionals... girl bye".

Right now, it is VITALLY important to have a "working" Linkedin profile. Because this brings recruiters to YOU! Stop chasing jobs and spending hours applying only get NO response.

Lots of tech, oil & gas companies still are currently hiring in the midst of the pandemic!

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Meet Daniella.

I helped hundreds of women in tech, oil & gas pivot their "career & salary" towards leadership opportunities.

CAREER ADVANCEMENT is my focus. Because let's face it, you've had enough lateral moves.

As one of the most sought after career strategist on the market and a former VP. I know first hand that a "high end" resume writer isn't enough.

You need real strategy for a COVID-19 damaged market.

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Here's What You'll Discover:

  • How to showcase your full range of skills past your title to widen your range of opportunities
  • What exact search terms are recruiters using to find candidates in your industry
  • My 1 step hack to get a conversation going with recruiters and get them to campaign for you!  

It's time to truly showcase your skillset and establish your expertise

Get To The Point

Get the exact terms you need to put in your profile to increase the interest recruiters on the market today

How To Engage Recruiters

How to make sure Linkedin puts your resume at the top for opportunities you've applied for

Building Your Network

What strategy increases traffic to your page for recruiters outside of Linkedin

Beating Out Competition

Learn what 90% of professionals are leaving out of their resume that recruiters actually need & want to see.

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